Beat #10


            Standing next to a devil, Raggedy Ann and autumn, I watch as three Sarah Palin’s walk pass the long line at Normal Street Bar within 10 minutes.  Combinations of hearing the devil yell “go McCain and Palin” and autumn booing the college students dressed as Palin, made the environment a little tense.  A fight was about to break out and I was surprised because I didn’t think college students cared so much about politics.        

            My entire life, I have never understood politics and I didn’t care to understand them.  This year was completely different.  I found myself reading the paper and watching the news to get new updates about the presidential candidates McCain and Obama.  This election was so important to our country not only because we were electing a new president but all the history that was made in the process. 

            History was made Nov. 4, 2008 and I watched it happen.  Barack Obama was announced as the first African-American to be elected as president of the United States, according to US News and World Report.  Joe Biden was elected as the first Roman Catholic to become vice president.  An estimated 136.6 million Americans voted this year which is the most votes since 1908.  Certain states received a higher turnout for African-American and Hispanic voters.  Obama raised more money in his campaign than any other presidential candidate.  History was made.      

            I remember watching the rat race on TV as the news stations would total up the electoral votes after every state.  There were times I would get really nervous and there were times I was sure Obama was going to win.  I remember when he was announced as the new president. I screamed and yelled to my room mate saying “Obama won.”  We shared our excitement by dancing around the house. 

            We watched the speeches by McCain and Obama and both brought tears to our eyes.  It was nice to see the country coming together with hope in their eyes for change and a new beginning.