Being in the right place at the right time no longer holds as high as importance as it did.  Being online on the right blog at the right time has become the most efficient way to delivering the news.  

Blog sites are becoming easier to use with new sites and technology to help bloggers update their pages as soon as they find breaking news.  Journalists are starting to realize that bloggers are finding news before them and they are now competing with the blog readers, according to Paul Bradshaw’s blog.  

Technology has helped develop our society into more public and online driven people.  Our world is no longer about reading the front page of a newspaper anymore.  It is about reading the latest blog to get the scoop on breaking news.  

Some journalists feel like their work is being affected by bloggers, according to another Paul Bradshaw blog. The new technology of blogging has helped journalists deliver the news at a faster pace using the blogging as a source.  It has also made a competition start between journalists and bloggers with who can deliver the news faster.

Technology with online journalism has changed the way our society is involved in with delivering the news.