The cool thing use to be Converse and a Jansport backpack.  Now it is all about your social networking site and how many friends you have. 

The most popular social networking sites seem to be MySpace and Facebook.  The convenience of communication seems to keep these sites popular.   The problem with the constant networking is the ability to become isolated from face to face contact and using communication through these sites.  Some people feel like these social networking sites keep them more connected with others.    

More people are becoming more interested in thier profiles, how many friends they have and how many groups they can join.  This has become difficult for online journalism because people are forming their own culture and have found easier ways to communicate to get the information they need. 

Fighting this social networking “phase” is like trying to stand in a hurricane and surivive . . . impossible.  It is about time journalists and newspapers start joining in on this cool new thing to do called social networking. 

Getting online, making a group and adding friends will add journalists to the survivor list.  Being included in the individualistic culture and making a niche for the newspapers will include media in the circle of friends.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.