During a break between classes, I can usually be found checking my email, checking my bank account and goofing off on Facebook.  I check the clock about 3 hours later and realize I had just missed my class because I lost time doing nothing but chatting it up with friends. 

What a waste of time.

Losing internet in America would be losing American’s favorite hobby to pass the time.  It would be losing a great information source that everyone relies on.  It would be losing a bit of our entertainment with Web sites like YouTube or fmylife to make us laugh.  America would lose one of it’s favorite past times. 

Most people go crazy after not having internet for a weekend. When they notice they have an internet addiction they try to cut themselves off for a little while to break the habit.  That is how bad American’s need the internet.  The Internet has taken over the lives of many American’s.   Instead of Alcohol Anonymous meetings people will be attending Internet Anonymous meetings to help with their addiction. 

Maybe people should start trying to do other things to pass the time than to waste 3 hours on Facebook chatting it up.  There are many other, more productive, things American’s can do to pass the time that will actually have a better impact on their lives.  There is cooking, going for walks, reading a book, interacting with people in person, learning a different language, etc. 

American’s have lived without the internet up until 1990 and guess what? Those people survived without it and still got their news.  They still had friends.  They were still connected with the world.