A community is a group of interacting organisms sharing an environment.   Does the Internet count as an environment?

Yes, online communities do exist and they are becoming more popular. 

It seems to be much easier to belong to an online community when you aren’t being judged by the way you look.  But instead you are being judged by what you say, how fast you become popular, and how much time you put into this online community. 

People connect, join a community, communicate and get to know each other better over time.  Just like in the real world, communication and time creates great friends which in the end form a community. 

Cliff Figallo, author of Hosting Web Communities, has decribed online communities as “feeling part of a larger social whole,” “an exchange . . . of commonly valued things,” and a “web of relationships.”   

This is the same with “real life” communities too.  Online communities are real, but most of the time these people never meet in real life.  It is an easier way to make friends and bond through one common interest may it be a shopaholic community, Twilight fanatics or hunters.  

Online communities can form groups and a Web site strictly for one common interest.  Meeting people in person at school or work makes it difficult to find a common interest that is as obvious as it is in the online world.  It takes time to get to know someone to find what you have in common.  In the online community, all it takes is a Web search.