Since when did hanging out with your friends consists of practicing how fast you can type in a chatroom?

I remember when I was in high school and about ten of my friends would come over every Friday for movie night.  Now every other day or so, I meet up with them on Facebook or a text message conversation.  It is funny how impersonal things have become. 

No one takes the time to drive over to someone’s house and dedicate two hours to watching a movie and chit-chatting.  Is it about time restraints or is it just plain laziness?

The new technology has made things more convenient but it has also made things too convenient.  There are social networking sites that people can join and form a social life online.  They don’t even have to step foot out of their house.  Just connect, join and communicate.  Facebook added a chat function so users can send a quick im when they are on the run but is that all they really use it for?

I am guilty for using Facebook chat and it isn’t just for a quick “see you in a few.”  I find myself spending hours chatting it up with friends I am too lazy to go see in person.  It is my easy way of keeping connected with friends. 

You think Facebook chat is an easy way to communicate, well what about the new mobile upload of the chat room?  You can always be connected to the Facebook chat and many others on your cell phone.  It is capable of being connected to Facebook chat, AIM, Yahoo, Google, Myspace IM and MSN all at the same time. 

Wow.  Being able to avoid people in person has become so much easier.  I wonder how many hermits this new technology has created.