Telling someone how you feel in person is difficult compared to writing a quick email expressing how you feel.  Many people revert back to the online world to express themselves just because it is easier than “real life.” 

Well it really isn’t that much easier than “real life.”  The online world comes with restrictions as well. 

Using the Web comes with some rules that must be followed.  There are copyright issues, invasion of privacy, issues,  trademark issues and libel issues. 

Through every Web page you are joined in on such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or Flickr, these issues are present.  They have the right to delete your account because of these issues so if you want to continue to use their service, be aware of the rules on the Web. 

With Twitter, it is difficult to copyright because of the 140 character limit but the risk still exists.   Short postings are protected under copyright, but posting on Twitter does have the risk to violate copyright issues.   The posting can give out secrets about others that would lead to invasion of privacy. That could also lead to libel issues damaging a person’s reputation.  Most people think they can write whatever they want on the Web, but that is techniqually considered published which leads to these rules of the Web. 

Violating these rules, potentially puts the hosts in a bad position.  This is why they have the power to delete your account without notice. 

A user’s account on Flickr was deleted without notice because of copyright issues.  The user wrote to Flickr asking about the deletion and they replied with copyright issues.  Just like that.  A click of a button and the account is gone forever.  All pictures were deleted.  Everything.  Gone. 

People think the Web is a get-away from “real life” avoiding rules and living in a life of freedom by saying what you want with no consequences.  Well there is consequences and they will never go away.  There is no such thing as a world where there are no restrictions or consequences.  The Web is definately not one of those worlds.