When I go to read online, I go for the most interesting stories.  Then I narrow them down by the shortest to longest and begin my 20 minutes of reading which mostly involves skipping words and reading the main points. 

I am a guilty party of skimming.  But who isn’t?

Most people only have enough time to read 28% of the words on a page.  They only spend 4.4 seconds on each set of 100 words.  That time includes people understanding the layout of the page and figuring out how to work the navigation.  If you can’t tell, these are the skimmers. 

There is not enough time in the day to read all the non-stop information we can get on the Web.  There is just too much information. 

I can go read a specific article on the Web then there is a hyperlink that leads me somewhere else, then another and another.  Before I know it, I am looking up information on the San Diego Zoo when I originally started with the article on the earthquake in Italy.  How did that happen?

This is called information overload.  There is too much information on the Web and it is overwhelming.  It is easier to skip over the words the, it, a, he, she, etc.  Just get to the main words like earthquake, murder, robbery, etc.  The readers can fill in the rest. 

Is there not enough time to read the overwhelming amount of information or are we becoming lazy readers?

I think it is a little of both.