Address Bar. Browser. Cookie. Now that you know your ABC’s, join the world wide web.

There is a seperate language used for the Internet. Not only do you need to know the vocabulary list of web words, you need to learn how to navigate around this online world and perhaps learn to make your own page.

Geez is this complicated.

My father is a computer programmer so I figured that the Internet would come easy to me.  Little did I know, my father had challenges of his own with the computer.  Yes, he knows codes and can make Web pages but Microsoft Word seemed to throw him for a loop. 

I just recently learned how to become friends with code on the Web.  Believe me, it is intimidating with all the symbols, but it comes in peace.  I promise.  I already have one Web page under my belt that I built from scratch and believe me, it was tedious and difficult but it paid off in the end. 

Learning to use the Web has become so difficult that there are classes that can help you become more user friendly with the Web.  They teach you HTML coding, XHTML coding and CSS coding.  All of these help put data on the Web and help you present the data in a fashionable manner. 

There are also plenty of helpful Web sites to help you learn code

Besides code, there are just the basic Web tools that can be difficult to use.  You can sometimes get lost on the Web so it is good to know the basic navigation of the Internet.

The Web is growing in new ideas and popularity.  It can be difficult to use so take advantage of the classes and welcome yourself to the World Wide Web.