I was born in 1987 and didn’t start using the Internet until my freshmen year in high school.  Since the Internet came out in the 1990s, I went 11 years without knowing the Web world existed.  I’m pretty sure I still existed within those 11 years without the Web or did I?

Tim Berners-Lee uses the saying “If it isn’t on the Web, it doesn’t exist.” 

Everybody has a life on the Web and for the most part ,that is there primary communication source.  I think I talk to more people online than I do at school or just out and about.  It is easier to have a life on the Web, because you can be whoever you want to be and people would never know. 

Even though people use the Web more to communicate and live their lives, I think our lives outside of the Web is just as important. 

Like I said earlier, I lived 11 years without using the Web.  I lived a happy life, playing with my toys, playing with the neighbors and going to school.  Now, I don’t even talk to my neighbors because it is just so much easier to chat them up on Facebook than in real life.  I prefer my life without the Web when I used to communicate outside the frame of my computer. 

After some periods of time withouth the Web, some people actually enjoy it.   They get to live their “real” life with real people instead of chatting it up with online identities on a screen all night. 

We do have “real” lives that do exist outside of the Web.  I think we just forgot about them.