Hot and cool media mixed becomes a great cocktail that does its job and tastes good.

Marshall McLuhan’s hot and cool media theory plays a role in this traditional media fight against new media.  You get the hot media that hands all the information to you.  It gives you the videos, the pictures, the story and you can even interact with it by commenting.  Then you have the cool media that lets you fill in the blanks and create your own images of the story or your own ideas. 

Newspapers and the Internet do exactly this. 

Print media isn’t dead.  It just adds to our senses as readers with actually holding something tangible and having stories laid out for us in importance. 

Yes, I agree that the Internet has been more successful than the newspaper business but that is because the Internet has more to offer.  There is an endless amount of information that readers can access, they can see more photos, videos and can take part in the story by leaving comments.  But newspapers is a tangible item. 

 I know I would rather have my stories picked out for me and put in order of importance.  I would rather hold a newspaper and drink a coffee in the morning.  Most people like grabbing the newspaper on their way to work and reading it on the subway.   Newspapers can also be convenient in this way.   

The Internet is a quick and easy thing to access to get the information you need.  Reading the newspaper, to me, is a special experience that I can look foward to every morning.