Life is a journey, and to some it may seem like a long and miserable journey but regardless, it is a journey we must all take.

So after many obstacles and what I personally would consider hardships, I have realized that this journey of life might as well be fun, adventurous and at least make me smile 95 percent of the time.

So in an effort of making this one heck of a journey, I have created a “bucket list” of items that I want to accomplish before I meet the great God almighty. Some of these items focus on personal achievements, career progressions, facing my fears and also some items will put my heart to the test by giving to others. Lets not forget the items I just want to do to have a little fun of course.

As I go through my never-ending list of things I would like to accomplish in my life, I will be writing about my experiences that will hopefully steer my journey into a more positive light and inspire others to do the same. Life is short so we might as well have fun and rock out while we still have the chance to do so.

This is my effort to live life to the fullest and I hope you all join me.

Here is my bucket list:

  1. Climb Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
  2. Go skydiving
  3. Rappel down into Moaning Caverns
  4. Go to Spring Training in Arizona
  5. Write a New York Times best-selling book
  6. Go white water rafting
  7. Try sushi
  8. Take Aimee to Italy to celebrate her walking again
  9. Go parasailing
  10. Go scuba diving
  11. Swim with dolphins
  12. Learn how to cook
  13. Adopt a child
  14. Become a Pulitzer prize winner
  15. Cut soda out of my life
  16. Buy myself a car
  17. Buy myself a laptop
  18. Develop and keep the habit of eating healthy
  19. Drink water on a daily basis
  20. Help a complete stranger
  21. Volunteer to feed the hungry
  22. Run a marathon
  23. Run a 5K
  24. Become a motivational speaker
  25. Go to a concentration camp in Germany
  26. Live in a different state
  27. Live in a different country
  28. Speak another language fluently
  29. Get married to the love of my life
  30. See an active volcano
  31. Visit all 50 states (and specific monuments)-
    1. Wyoming-Grand Canyon
    2. South Dakota-Mount Rushmore
    3. New York-Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Central Park, Broadway Play
    4. U.S. East Coast-Boston, Liberty Bell, White House, Abe Lincoln Statue, Washington Monument
    5. California – Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios, California Capital
    6. Alaska – Northern Lights
  32. Have a family
  33. Write a script for a movie
  34. Learn how to dance like a ballroom dancer
  35. Attend a movie premiere
  36. Travel the world (see specific monuments)-
    1. China-Great Wall of China
    2. Egypt-pyramids
    3. Israel-Jerusalem, Bethlehem
    4. Seven Wonders of the World
    5. Paris-Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Mona Lisa
    6. Barcelona- Gaudi Architecture
    7. Switzerland
    8. Japan
    9. Mexico
    10. Canada
    11. Dubai-islands
    12. Italy – Torino, Leaning tower of Pisa, ride a gondola in Venice, Pompeii, Sicily, Naples
    13. Ireland
    14. England-Big Ben, London bridge
    15. Africa-Casablanca
    16. Greece
    17. Sweden
    18. Norway
    19. Denmark
    20. Prague
    21. Portugal
    22. Brazil
    23. Argentina
    24. Australia
    25. Greenland
    26. Fiji
    27. Canary Islands
    28. Bahamas
    29. South America-the Amazon
  37. Learn how to surf
  38. Become a chef at a well-known restaurant
  39. Become a lawyer
  40. Become a journalist
  41. Become a FBI agent
  42. Shake hands with the President of the United States
  43. Backpack through Europe
  44. Get a Master’s degree
  45. Get a Doctorate Degree
  46. Ride a horse on the beach
  47. Ride in a hot air balloon
  48. Donate money to an organization that helps others
  49. Become independent with fixing my car
  50. Learn how to fly a plane
  51. Attend New Years in Time Square
  52. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  53. Learn how to ride a motorcycle and get my motorcycle license
  54. Be a maid of honor at a friend’s wedding
  55. Be a mentor
  56. Have a mentor
  57. Dance in the rain
  58. Change someone’s life
  59. Be the best supportive parent I can be
  60. Stand up for something I believe in
  61. Participate in a protest
  62. Be confident in myself, my accomplishments and what I stand for
  63. Watch a fashion/runway show
  64. Be a positive and optimistic person
  65. Witness a solar eclipse
  66. Witness a meteor shower
  67. Climb Mt. Everest
  68. Go on a helicopter ride
  69. Celebrate Oktober Fest in Germany
  70. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  71. Discover what makes me truly happy
  72. Find my passion
  73. Allow myself to make mistakes
  74. Learn to take risks
  75. Discover my life’s purpose
  76. Learn not to take what others do or say personally
  77. Learn to stop worrying about things that are not within my control
  78. Develop good habits
  79. Attend an Ivy League School
  80. Meet Bret Favre and get his autograph
  81. Meet Oprah
  82. Be Time’s Magazine Person of the Year
  83. Donate blood
  84. Build a home for those that need one: Habitat for Humanity
  85. Create a trust fund for my child
  86. Go whale watching
  87. Go on a safari adventure
  88. Attend a Broadway play
  89. Learn to celebrate life every day
  90. Be grateful and appreciate for everything in my life
  91. Visit the wreckage of the Titanic
  92. Meet the Pope
  93. Find inner peace
  94. Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  95. Send my parents on a dream vacation
  96. Go to a NFL game
  97. Go to a MLB game
  98. Go to a hockey game
  99. Go to a pro-basketball game
  100. Become the best person I can be